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Terms and rules.

General rules.

You make the order in any way, we confirm the availability of equipment and agree a time in which You can approach in our office, to signing the contract and receiving equipment.

For receiving equipment you need arrive at an agreed time in office.

Any citizen who accepts the terms of the contract can take the equipment to rent. For the contract conclusion it is necessary to have with you the passport, to pay the rent cost of renting equipment and the amount of guarantee coverage (if any).

Ordering procedure

You can order equipment directly on the website. After you submit the form we will receive your order and contact you regarding its implementation.

You can also submit a request from the form on the “Contact” page. Or simply write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can also make an appointment by phone +7 495 921 0929, +7 903 684 5190.


You can book the equipment in any way listed above. Booking means that the equipment will be available at a specified time and date. However, a force majeure event, that sometimes equipment goes out of order, but we always warn about it and try to fulfill all orders in time.

We ask in advance to warn about the cancellation. We understand that the rent may be cancelled for various reasons, but please inform us in advance, at least 24 hours. In case of repeated cancellations, we will have to refuse reservation, which means that the confirmation will be possible only the day before the start of the rent.

Period, the cost of rent.

You can choose any rent period. If you need to rent equipment for the weekend, we propose to use our special offer - in this case, the period of use of equipment Friday night - Monday morning, and the payment for two days.

Minimum rent period is 1 day or 24 hours.

The late return will be charged an additional day of rent, except when the return is detained up to 2 hours. In this case, the rental Manager may decide not to take extra rent (for example, if there no any booking on equipment rented or warned in advance about the delay).

If You need to extend the rent, you should contact the Manager rental and clarify the possibility of extension. If You need to extend the rent for a period of more than three days, payment must be made for the prolongation.

The rent is calculated based on the rates of one weekday, and weekend (weekends include Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the weekend cost starts at 19:00 on Friday and ends at 19:00 on Sundays), week. When you order for more than a week the cost of the rental day is calculated as a weekly price divided by seven. For a rental period of more than two weeks we offer additional discounts.

About all the discounts refer to Discounts in rental

The Deposit

We offer the following warranty coverage:

- The size of the warranty coverage is equal to the appraised value of the equipment. This option is available to all, including foreign nationals.

- You can fill out the client form and send it to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. together with the scan of the first page of the passport. By submitting the form You agree to process the personal data provided. The review process will take from several hours to two days and then we will make a decision about the assessed value of the equipment, which will be able to take the equipment without coverage. If the assessed cost of the equipment above the maximum coverage limit, then you only need to retain the difference between Your limit and the total cost of equipment. Following contracts limit amount, within which You can get the equipment without coverage can be increased.

- If You are uncomfortable to leave a Deposit, You can use the service of maintenance of equipment. When ordering this service, the equipment will be accompanied by a qualified employee. When accompanied techs it is not necessary to leave a Deposit. For further information see the “Services”section

As guarantee coverage, you can leave Russian rubles, you can also lock the coverage on the card if the card is registered and if it is technically possible.


You can pay the rent and the warranty coverage in cash or by credit card.

It is also possible to pay by Bank transfer.

First 5 contracts payment straight forward. After 5 contracts it is possible to pay for the equipment upon return.

Please note that rent payment for a period of more than two days or rent cost more than 10 000 RUB made only upon receiving of equipment. Pay upon return in these cases is impossible.


For implementation of the rental equipment is rental contract for a specified period. The term of the contract may be extended, please contact us two days prior to the expiration of the contract.

When taking the equipment, signed the Handover Protocol which contains a list of the equipment received. You need to check the appearance and functionality of the equipment , configuration, availability and integrity of control labels opening of the equipment. After signing and receiving equipment of claim to the submitted equipment will not be accepted.

The signing of the Handover Protocol means that You assume any further responsibility connected with the operation of the equipment.

When you return the Acceptance Report signed.

You must return the rented equipment in the same condition in which you received it at the time of issuance. The presence of all components listed in the Handover Protocol, necessarily. If the operation of the rental property, it is dirty, and its appearance has changed, You are obliged to take measures for the return of rental  property in its purest form. Dirty items are not accepted, except when restoring the original appearance of the equipment impossible. If you cast the property in order, You must follow the safety label control opening.

Acceptance Report confirms the return of equipment. The lack of a signed acceptance certificate means that the property is in your hands.

In case of equipment defects caused in the process of operation, you need to pay for the direct losses incurred by the property owner. The size of the coverage of direct damages stated in the contract and may be withheld from the guarantee coverage.

We invite to cooperation.

If you have any photographic equipment or accessories that you use irregularly, we invite you to cooperation. We are going to rent it and your technique will bring you a small steady income, while you will be able to use it. We guarantee the safety and careful handling of the equipment


IMPORTANT! Memory cards and other digital storage media (e.g., SSD) are not reliable and fail-safe means of storing material. Rental in any degree does not guarantee the performance of rented storage. In this regard, we ask you when you check equipment to pay special attention to the performance of memory cards and other storage devices. If you will have fail while working with one of these devices (not recorded material, flash card is no longer "read" by a camera or a video camera, recording does not last longer than 2 minutes, etc.), send your claims, including related reimbursement to you for costs for restoring data, etc., the device manufacturer or a certified service center.

In case of damage to lamps lighting fixtures lamp cost 100% paid by the client!

Under any circumstances "Rental TSS" is not responsible for damage that may be caused to You or third parties when using the Rental equipment or in connection with this fact. We also do not refund costs that may arise from the use or non-use of the Rental equipment to third parties.