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Video Equipment

DJI Ronin-S, Ronin-M and Ronin stabilization systems.

Wireless video signal senders and video signal converters.

Video recording systems for DSLR and professional camcorders.

Different focus control systems.

Matte box for camcorders.

Filters for compendiums in 4x4 size.

Optical filters for compendiums in 4x5,65 size.

Power supply for camcorders, monitors, lighting equipment.

Falsh memory cards and SSD drives for video production.

On-camera and reportage microphones.

Professional solutions for audio recording.

Accessories and devices for audio recording.

Various devices and accessories for fastening camcorders, light and other equipment.

Notebook for video production playback, data restore and video editing.

Chroma-key backgrounds for video production.

Video tripods for heavy video and cinema cameras.

Professional systems for smooth camera slide.

Drives, supports and accessories for slider systems.

Slidekamera skaters for camcorders.

Heavy video equipment.
Cranes are provided with tripods, panoramic plates for tripod and videoheads.

Shoulder rigs for DSLR, video and cinema cameras.

Electornic and mechanic video stabilization systems.

Cameraman support vests for  heavy video systems.

Directors monitors and SDI cables.

On-camera monitors for cameraman and small recorders.