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Dedolight DLH1000S

The Dedolight DLH1000S Tungsten Soft Light Head is a single-function quartz halogen light, to be used with softboxes capable of handling the heat of a 500- to 1000-watt fixture. A variable-size mounting ring accepts Dedoflex, Chimera, Photoflex, Westcott, or any other brand of rectangular, heat-resistant softbox. A protective glass tube is included.

Technical specification

Rating 1000 watts max.
Color temperature 3200K
Softbox Dedoflex 60x80cm
Weight 0.8 kg
Power supply AC 220V only
Working day 790 q
Holiday 890 q
Weekly price 4990 q
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Supplied with

  • Dedoflex softbox 60x80cm
  • Light stand